What should you travel Da Nang at the end of the year ?

27 September, 2017
Da Nang Tour

I had visited Da Nang more than one times but the time I came here is Summer. Summer in Da Nang is also great when I am wallow in cool sea water and eat fresh seafood. However, I want to explore Danang during non-tourist season so I booked a tour to Danang in the last days of December on website Quang Da Travel     

Da Nang Tour

Because the end of December is not a tourist season so Da Nang is quite. In the winter days of December, the sunshine light surface of Han river, the atmosphere is clean and cold. However, traffic on the road is still busy so people don’t feel half asleep. These days in Da Nang are quite dry, very comfortable to strolling. Da Nang is not bustling as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, so the people in Da Nang are gentle, comfortable and cute.

One day last December in Da Nang passed very pleasantly. It is the great time to pause plans, reports, … works at home to keep quiet. I spend lots of time to live myself for 4 days in Da Nang. Whenever I come to Da Nang I am attracted by lots of Foods. In the last days of the year, many food stores don’t have more tourists. Rice paper in Da Nang has a wide space, the waiter constantly adds food to the customers’ dishes. It’s been a long time since I’ve had wholehearted services.

Pork rolls at Tran restaurant are processed very attractively, the pieces of meat are just thin. There is kind of vegetables which are used to eat with Pork rolls such as: Mint, cinnamon, pickle, green banana. Especially, shrimp paste is the important thing when you eat pork rolls.  

After eating rice paper that is very delicious in Tran restaurant, then I stroll My Khe beach in the evening. Unlike the crowded scene every summer day, My Khe beach is not crowded this season. The streetlights through the leaves of coconut light My Khe beach. It is sparkling and fanciful. I tend to stroll on My Khe beach without worrying tread in the garbage, injection needle or some things…Sometimes I also have to step on things, but it is the small shells as a gift from the sea, I carefully picked it up and keep it.

There are not many exciting activities like the summer holidays, the end of winter on My Khe beach is so few visitors to visit. Instead of cool air and interesting activities with the summer sea, these days you will find many groups of young people meet and play together. Lovers are hugging, are watching the sea and are feeling the cool air in Da Nang.

The next destination I choose is Hoi An. Hoi An has not only the old town but also Thanh Ha pottery village, Cam Thanh coconut forest, Tra Que vegetable garden, …The Coconut forest in Hoi An is not different with the canals which I had come in the South of Viet Nam. However, the difference is boat drivers, who take visitors to visit, are simple and friendly. They talk to tourists very natural and rustic so I very love the \people who rowing here.

Because of the loving beach so I decided to go to Cua Dai beach in Hoi An. This place is one of the 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet. Standing in front of the sea I have a sense of peace and strange, but the most beautiful beach is defended by some resort and the number of people who have conditions can look. Seafood is much delicious, fresh, the price is reasonable, quick service. It makes people want to eat food forever.

All of the things are interesting experiences I have when I come to Da Nang at the end of the year. If you have opportunities you should book da nang tour to have the good journey and a great time.

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