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Smart Bedroom Setting Ideas to Help You Sleep Harmoniously

25 October, 2017
Smart Bedroom Setting Ideas to Help You Sleep

Sleep represents a crucial role in your overall well-being all throughout your lifetime. Having adequate sleep periods at the right moments can help guard your physical and mental health against harm.

Since proper rest periods help maintain the quality of life, here are some information and tips to keep your sleeping habits healthy.

Smart Bedroom Setting Ideas to Help You Sleep

The Proper Room Temperature

Room temperature is a consistent factor why we experience difficulty in falling asleep or why we suddenly rise during or in the middle of the night. Your body also adapts temperature throughout the night, so it is best to dress appropriately.

A great solution to this concern is to have a thermostat which allows you to plan the correct room temperature for the night. Sleep experts believe that around 60 to 67 degrees  Fahrenheit is the right amount of temperature inside your bedroom and a thermostat can adjust through the night to make your sleeping room not too warm or too cold.

The Bed Frame at the Appropriate Height

If your bed is too tall or too low, you will have troubles in getting in or getting out of it. Here is the approach to knowing if the bed has the right height. When you sit on the edge of the bed, the whole soles of your feet must be able to touch the floor. This test will conclude what works best for your height when it comes to selecting the right bed.

A  Comfortable Pillow for Your Desired Position for Sleeping

Your sleeping position has a massive effect on the pillow which you will appreciate as comfortable. If you love sleeping on your side, it is best to place a pillow between your knees to help correct your spine alignment, while using a moderate to firm pillow for your head part.

A Comfortable Pillow for Your Desired Position for Sleeping

If you like sleeping on your back, try a foam pillow which gives a steady support to your neck by keeping your head at the correct angle.

This sleeping position may not be ideal for your neck and back, but if you happen to sleep on your tummy, you should use a body pillow. Utilizing a considerable body pillow can help you adjust your position in extended hours to sleep on your side.

If you’re not comfortable with your pillows anymore, then it’s best to change them since comfort is our primary basis when it comes to choosing a mattress.

Different Bed Sheets for Different Season

It is always best to keep various bed sheets or mattresses for every season. As mentioned earlier, the temperature of your room is a vital factor on your sleep, hence, having the right bed sheets for a precise season will help you maintain a warmer or cooler surrounding.

During the winter season, opt for a thick cotton like flannel or go for a synthetic blend such as fleece. Since the raw material for fleece is polyester, it is excellent for any person with allergies triggered by dust or fabrics.

Room Air with the Appropriate Humidity

Our mood, health, and sleep are much likely to be affected by extreme weather conditions. When the atmosphere increases humidity concentration, you will feel sweaty, moist and hot, all of which leads to difficulty in sleeping. On the other hand, if the air is too dry, our eye and nasal pathway will dry out which is also severely uncomfortable to sleep.

In accordance to Sleep.org, maintaining the standard of humidity in your room to 50 percent is the ideal setting. This idea only means that you have to invest in a humidifier in the winter and a dehumidifier in the summer season.

Extra Tip:

Pay Attention to Scent

It is always nice to keep the room scented for this will provide additional comfort every time you breathe, nobody would want to inhale a foul-smelling room. Try purchasing some room freshener or make use of your perfume and spray it all over your bed and pillows.


To be able to sleep after a long day of work or exhausting activities is what we desire the most in our day to day living. However, some factors affect the quality of our sleep. On the bright side, these troubles are avoidable, and there are solutions you can apply to be able to get a good night’s sleep.

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