SilverRest Sleep Product 8” Mattress Review

2 March, 2017

The SilverRest Sleep Product memory foam mattress is 8 inches of pure comfort. This mattress is fairly lightweight, yet has all the comfort you would need in a single mattress. One of the benefits of this memory foam mattress is that it has a 2 inch memory foam pad, a 2 inch ventilated air cooled pad, and a 4 inch high density foam pad. Being that this full size mattress is not all one type of foam, it helps keep your body temperature the same without causing your body to become too hot.

SilverRest Sleep Product 8” Mattress Review

The best part about this SilverRest Sleep Product mattress is that the mattress becomes softer with the temperature of your body. Because of this the mattress will become softer as the night progresses, giving you an even more comfortable night sleep. This is not always present in every mattress and that is one of the reasons many people choose SilverRest Sleep Products.

Are you looking for a good night sleep without spending hundreds of dollars on a mattress that you are not sure about? If so, then you are just like everybody else who has ever bought a mattress. What you need to understand is that the SilverRest Sleep Product mattress is one of the cheapest full size mattresses there is that still has a very high consumer rating. The rating for this particular mattress is 4.5, which puts it higher than most other mattresses on the market today.

Benefits Of The SilverRest Sleep Product and brooklyn bedding vs tuft and needle hq

Multiple Layers Of Foam – The fact that this full size mattress has multiple layers of foam you will benefit from it’s long lasting structure. Not only will the multiple layers help the mattress last longer, it gives you the added support that you need from the 2 different memory foam pads and the full 4 inch high density foam padding.

Affordable – Yes, Brooklyn bedding vs tuft and needle is rather affordable. The SilverRest Sleep Product mattress costs less than $200 and comes with one of the longer warranties that you will ever come across. Being that mattresses are not cheap, it is great to find one that you can afford without spending all your money. Whether you are buying this mattress for your bedroom, a guest bedroom, or a couch, this makes a great choice for the money being spent.

Long Warranty – Did you know that this mattress has a full 10 year warranty? Most mattresses come with a limited warranty or one that only lasts 5 years. If you have had issues with a mattress before, then put your mind at ease by purchasing a mattress that you can count on year after year.

Limited Motion Disturbance – Being that Brooklyn bedding mattress is made of memory foam, it has little to no motion disturbance. This means that if your partner gets up in the middle of the night, you won’t be bothered with the entire bed shaking.

If you finally want to get a good night sleep, then you can’t go wrong by choosing a SilverRest Sleep Product mattress

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