What Do You Know About Nerve Pain in Foot?

31 August, 2016

If you think that the cause of foot pain is originated in the toes or the front or back of the foot you are wrong. Actually, there are a lot of different causes. In some case, going to see the doctor is the best idea to know the exact reason. The information which related to the health is very necessary. You have some problem about your feet. They make you pain too much. It may be nerve pain in the foot. Do you know this? What do you know about nerve pain in the foot? You will know some things about this disease in this article.

General information of foot pain in foot

You should know that nerve pain in the foot is a common problem of our feet. Normally, you will feel burning foot pain, weakness seriously. Surely, these symptoms will affect the activities of the legs.

Nerve pain in the foot can damage the nerve from its position to the spine. After that, it will move the foot. You can happen this case if you have an injury or the side effects of the drugs.

Causes of nerve pain in foot

There are two main reasons. They are:

  • Disc herniation
  • Spinal stenosis
  1. Disc herniation

There are the discs in the middle of the vertebrae in our back. Sometimes, these discs are squashed into the middle of the disc. They will be pushed out of the back of the disc. At that time, they can squash on the nerve foot.

Now let’s look at some symptoms of the disc herniation

  • Your pain can spread down from the lower back to the bottom. It can move the back of the leg and the foot. This pain will increase day by day if you do not treat as soon as possible.
  • You can not lift your foot as well as toes up because it is so pain. You can feel your leg become so weak and it is very difficult to move with the daily activities.
  • Normally, this only occurs one leg.
  1. Spinal stenosis

The cause of nerve pain in the foot can be the spinal stenosis. This is the reason of the narrowing of the gaps in our spine where the spinal cord and nerves work.

This disease often has those who are over 50 years old. It is usually linked with aging. With the heavy cases, you need to operate.

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