Causes and Treatment Of Heel Pain

7 September, 2016

There is a time when your hurts so bad that it’s too hard for you to go anywhere or just move and it make you feel so uncomfortable and stressed. A number of people will go to the doctor right away to have their heels examined. But some people won’t do anything because they think their heels will get better after a couple of days. Usually, you can wait till the pain goes away if you are too busy. However, the longer you wait, the worse it could get. So when facing heel pains, it’s best to go see the doctor straight away.

The heel pain is quite common in our daily life as a matter of fact. This article will tell you about heel pain causes and how to cure it. You will understand more about this disease :


Heel pain signs

When you feel pain under the heel’s surface and it hurts more and more when you change position from sitting for a long time to standing or it especially hurts when you just wake up in the morning and you step your foot on the ground and it takes a period time of walking here and there for the symptom to be lessened then you are definitely having a heel pain. At this very moment, seeing the doctor as soon as possible is recommended so that you know exactly the reasons and what to do to cure it promptly.

Heel pain’s familiar causes

There are many different ways that lead to heel pain such as touching the hard grounds too much, wearing inappropriate shoes, even just being overweight. Following is a list of common heel pain causes:

 1. Heel spurs

When the lining of your heel is stretched for a long period of time, heel spurs will show up. And when it does, the covered lining will be broken off. This is commonly seen in athlete joggers and fat people.

2. Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can occur due to some of your bad routines like:

– Wearing improper shoes

– Weight gain all of a sudden

– Using high heel frequently

– Climbing stairs too often

 3. Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendon is easily appeared when you have the inflammation of the Achilles tendon previously. It usually runs along the back of your heel.

Particularly, Achilles tendinitis often happens to active people like specialized, professional dancers and athletes.

  4. Plantar fascia injury

One of the causes for heel pain is direct plantar fascia injury due to walking on rough, hard surfaces and stepping on rocks… which hurts the adipose tissue of the plantar fascia. Normally a few days of rest is enough, painkiller or acetaminophen also works.

How to cure heel pain

If you feel your pain is not too serious, some of the following simple methods at home will be able to help:

– When you feel that your heel is starting to have strange signs, spend more time resting.

– Put some ice on your heel twice a day, from 10 to 15 minutes.

– Wear best shoes for standing all day that suit your feet well.

– Use the support device for your feet when going to bed at night

– Using heel lifts is also very effective to reduce the heel pain

Heel pain without being treated well in time can lead to worse case, below is some consequences of heel pain and treatments for it:

– Plantar fasciitis is when you heel pain for a long time without treating it; slowly new bones will grow in that area. However, it is not the main reason that your heel got hurt because many people feel the pain in their heel with no new bones growing. On the other hand, a lot of people have new bones in their heels but that didn’t cause them any pain or problems. Therefore, new bones in the heels treatments are almost the same as plantar fasciitis and you rarely need to have the new bone removed.

– Tarsal tunnel syndrome suffers from nerves tamponade which leads to pain or feel disorders such as numbness burning, numbness, and heel stretch. Base on each type of cause to apply suitable treatments, overall you can use medicines including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or have steroids self-injected.

– Pain in the back of the heel is usually seen from heel tendonitis or bursitis achilles tendon. Active athletes or middle aged people are victims to this, especially former athletes. Repeated injuries from the past make the heel become stiff, degraded and lose flexibility. Other factors such as changing your shoes, practice schedule can also hurt your heel. As treatments, you should stop doing things that hurt your heel immediately, cover it with ice, stretch your heel and ankle carefully, wear shoes that can lift and protect your heel, do physiotherapy as heat by paraffin, packs, infrared, shortwave.

In short, heel pain affects feet health badly so choose the best comfort shoes to protect your feet. With the above information in this article, you will be able to improve your heel pain or prevent it. But If It doesn’t work for you; I suggest you see a foot specialist at once for special treatments.

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