Headphones and earphones especially for Sportsmen travel

8 June, 2017
HeadPhone and EarPhone

We think of your line in anticipation of the holidays on the beaches this summer. And to help you prepare for it, we’ve put together a guide to the best headphones and earphones for running music. To perfect your preparation, do not forget to consult our guide dedicated to watches dedicated to running.


Headphones and earphones especially for Sportsmen travel

But back to our sports helmets. Running, and more generally sports in music, allows not only to distract but also to motivate. According to studies, music (which does not only soften the morals apparently) makes it possible to improve performances by 5 to 7%. All the more reason to equip well because in this matter, the offer is plethora. Are you ready to put on your sneakers? Let’s go ! Want to know best earbuds under 50? Click here!

Why choose headphones dedicated to sports

Any smartphone comes with a pair of wired headphones. On paper, these can also be used to go for sports. This may be true for occasional use with an indoor bike for example. But if you intend to go running to music, you risk being quickly disappointed. First of all by the comfort offered by these standard headphones that will soon slip from your ear right from the first stride. Worse yet, assuming they hold in place, sweat will finish them after a few intensive sessions. These two remarks prove just how far the headphones developed for a sporting activity are far from being a simple marketing argument. Though. Take care of the opportunistic builders who go shamelessly, just change a packaging or opt for flashy colors in order to pass a pair of classic earphone for a model dedicated to the sport.

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Supra or intra?

You can choose between the supra-aural headphones or the headphones. The first comes to rest on the ears while the second ones are inserted in the auricular canal.

Advantage of the supra-aural helmet, it generally has bigger drivers that theoretically deliver a sound of better quality. Nevertheless, this type of helmet is heavier and not always adapted to the race. Indeed, the arch which rests on the top of the skull can become uncomfortable during a prolonged effort. Not to mention the heat felt at the ears. Heat which is naturally accompanied by increased sweating. And things can get worse. The cushions end sooner or later to alter in contact with the sweat. In our opinion it is therefore not ideal for those who wish to run in music. On the other hand, it can be satisfied in the room.

HeadPhone and EarPhone

HeadPhone and EarPhone

More suitable, the earphones are lighter and more discreet. They are also more comfortable provided you opt for a model that fits well in the ear. Because it is generally on this point that the bat hurts even if great progress have been made in the matter. We were particularly careful with the models we tested for this guide. Dedicated headphones are also stronger. Their silicone tips are sweat-resistant and, above all, they are easy to exchange and at low cost. In the same way, the cables are reinforced to withstand any friction on the clothes. We shall return to this later.

Question of comfort

In-ear headphones are also available in different models. Beside the traditional earpiece that is inserted in the ear, manufacturers offer more or less practical variations. You can opt for a model that relies on the neck like the LG Tone Active. Advantage, all the electronics is grouped in the small box to give as little weight as possible to the headphones. On the back of the coin, having this plastic element rubbing on the neck can be annoying in the long run, especially for running.

The earpieces are of utmost importance in the comfort of headphones. In order to keep them in place, a double implantation is generally used. First with silicone ear buds. Several are provided with different sizes to fit most ear morphologies, thus guaranteeing optimal comfort. To this are added small wings called ear wings, which are also available in several sizes. These are placed behind the cartilage to keep the earphone in the ear. Special mention to Yurbuds which offers a whole range of headphones with a patented end. This one is inserted in the canal of the ear then it is enough to make it turn slightly to lock it. The system is efficient and despite all our efforts, we have not succeeded in dropping the headphones.

Another solution that has proven itself, a plastic contour is integrated in the earpiece which ensures a second point of attachment on the ear in order to prevent the fall. This is the option chosen by Beats and Sennheiser. In terms of comfort, Bose Sound Sport is one of our favorites. Once in place, they are completely forgotten with an irreproachable audio quality. Nevertheless, it is a wired model only. In Bluetooth, both models of Jabra are also nice to wear at least once we have found the right tips. Finally, also take a look at the Jaybird X2 which come with many end caps to fit all ears.

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