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Go Green!: The Significant Uses of Solar Energy In Our Home

3 November, 2017
The Significant Uses of Solar Energy In Our Home

Solar power obtained from the sun through the utilization of solar panels is only one of the many advanced actions to construct and maintain sustainable and continuous power sources. Solar panels can produce a fraction of your home’s power to cut down your reliance on traditional power sources.

Furthermore, the savings and benefits can be significant and rapidly offset the installation. The use of energy from the sun to provide power is now widespread and has been continuously utilized not only by typical households but as well as the eco-friendly institutions.The Significant Uses of Solar Energy In Our Home

The Solar Powered Pool Heater

Pools are one of the many amusements you can indulge especially during summer for everyone. Everybody loves to swim and jump into the pool unless it is too cold.

To solve this frustrating problem, try installing a solar blanket to heat up the water for everyone’s enjoyment. The pool heating works precisely through the solar blanket, and no additional installations are required.

On the other hand, if you need to make it a little bit high tech, just set up a solar hot water heating system. This system will use solar hot water heating panels on your roof to absorb the heat of the sun, circulate it to the pool to finally provide warmth.

The Solar Powered Water Heater

Another approach is to connect your water heater to the panels you installed. By doing so, you will have the reward of still being able to take a warm and hot shower in your home during cold days or winter season and even power outage.

The installation of the heater may require the need of an expert to make it entirely safe and functional, but the application of solar powered water heater will give you the benefit to save more money for the years to come and more comfortable bathing moments.

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The Solar Powered Battery Charger

Have you thought about using solar energy for battery charging? Power consumer electronic devices have now evolved into a typical solar power use in our technology-driven society.

Battery chargers are standard when it comes to charging the entire batteries used for video games, mobile phones, and much more.

If you have a spare battery bank charged within the day as long as the sun is shining and utilized in the nighttime hours, then it would be very economical on your side as you will be able to save and reduce your electricity bills by merely using it as your source of energy.

The Use of Solar Energy To Provide Power to Your Household

And yes! It is possible for solar energy to provide your home with power. You will only need to add panels to absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity.

The direct current will proceed to an inverter, which converts the direct current power to alternating current to run your home. Through the utilization of transfer exchange and other safety devices, your green, renewable source of energy is now capable of providing power for your home, cabin, tool shed, or any other building.

The Use of Solar Energy to Cook

We will surely be able to relate to this one because eating is our favorite activity of all time, apart from sleeping of course. Cooking food with the utilization of the energy from the sun is way effortless than we think it is.

Gather a box, a cooking bag, aluminum foil, duct tape, styrofoam insulation, thermometer, and a pan. Upon having these, you will be cooking those healthy foods in no time.

The Solar Powered Ventilation

Electric fans are standard in a household to move air inside for moisture, smell control, and of course comfort. Now, think about how many electric fans are operating the entire day?

For sure there are plenty of fans functioning daily, for we undoubtedly utilize the fans to keep our body cool or to ward off the unwanted air inside our home, and by using solar-powered fans, you’re sure to have a good cooling system that’s not only economical but also eco-friendly.

Solar Powered Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Providing your household with lighting is significant to provide vision and access to everything inside the home. With the creation of LED lighting, your house can have appropriate lighting source with a minimal consumption of power.Solar Powered Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

These tiny lights can link through a battery charged system powered by sunlight within the day and batteries in the nighttime.

The moment the sun shines, the battery charger loads up the backup battery and operates the lighting. During nighttime, the batteries will start to contribute and supply the lighting as the sun is not yet evident.

Outdoor lighting provides our household with a welcoming presence which makes our visitors feel like home.  With the use of solar lighting, the panels will charge the batteries in the day and will operate at night.


As the cost of GStore solar panels starts to go down, people should think about utilizing it for it is not just for our benefit but for the planet. The fossil fuel we use is a significant contributor to irreversible damage in the ozone layer, and the utilization of the natural source of energy will help us save the environment.

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