How To Cure Sweaty Feet

28 August, 2016

As you know the sweaty feet are a very common thing and most of the people have this problem. However, there are some people who sweat a lot. This makes them feel uncomfortable and unconfident to make something that relating to the feet. I have the simple tips that I will give you in this article. I hope you will have some basic tips for curing the sweaty feet. By this way, you can improve the sweaty feet for your feet significantly.

  1. Washing your feet

This is the first thing which you must think to when your feet sweat a lot of sweat. You should choose the soap which it is less irritating to the skin.

You should wash the feet in warm water. Of course, you will use a little soap. And you must do it at least once a day. If you have time you should wash twice a day. You will feel your feel become more comfortable and reduce sweating feet effectively.

  1. Wearing the cotton socks

To treating the sweaty feet, you should wear the cotton socks with the natural materials. Most of them are soft, easy to absorb.

  1. Soaking in tea

Actually, tea contains a lot of natural tannins. Tannins are the kinds of the polyphenol plant which they are very good for our skin. Tannins in tea will help our feet reduce the sweat by narrowing the sweat glands. In addition, the tannins also kill bacteria which they are the main reason for sweating smelly feet.

To help you use tea in the right way and bring the high effect, you can refer to how to do as follows:

  • Select the nice basin to soak your foot;
  • Then, add the cool water to this basin. It can be a half basin;
  • Next, boil a liter of water;
  • After that, you add about 3 or 4 bags of tea into the boiling water;
  • You should wait for ten to fifteen minutes to steep in the boiling water.
  • At this time, you pour the boiling water with the bags of tea into the basin which having the cool water;
  • Finally, soaking your feet about 30 minutes;

You should repeat this work for every day. When soaking your feet you can relax in mind.


  1. Changing the socks and shoes

You must remember that changing the socks and shoes are also very necessary to decrease the sweaty feet. Especially, after you finish your work or exercise. The clean and dry socks and shoes will make the big difference and avoid the sweaty feet too much.

  1. Do not wear the same shoes

It is better to have some shoes for yourself. You should not wear the same shoes for many days eternally because you will create the condition for drying those shoes completely. This will prevent the development of bacteria.

In short, 5 basic tips will help you treat the sweaty feet effectively. You can try one of these tips until you find out the most suitable method. It is very quick and simple. I think you will improve the bad situation for your feet. I believe that you will be satisfied with the information in this writing.

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