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How To Clean Your Mattress and Change it – Step By Step

19 November, 2017
How To Clean Your Mattress 2017

How To Clean Your Mattress and Change it?. Everyone knows that, with as much use as mattresses get, they have a tendency to get… Well, dirty. Especially if you don’t take a shower at night (I get it if you’re a ‘take a shower in the morning’ person, but do you really think your mattress deserves to be the victim of you after a long day of work?)- but fear not! This guide is, in essence, a concise, thorough guide on how to clean the piece of furniture that most likely gets the most use in your home. Suggest mattress on https://sidesleeperreviews.com/best-mattress-for-heavy-people/

Now. How do you actually wash a mattress?

How To Clean Your Mattress 2017

Step One: The Preparation

Now, if you’re like me, your bedsheets probably go through a lot. Many folks tend to sweat in their sleep, not to mention the fact that oil, dirt, and other substances seem to be attracted to your linens worse than a moth to a porch light. In order to thoroughly clean your mattress, strip those off- your bedsheets, I mean. Flat sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, sheet anchors, fitted sheets- all of them. Off. First step down, but here’s where it gets a bit tricky.

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Step Two: Wash the Outards

Outards meaning the opposite of innards- the innards referring to the mattress itself. The outards, in this situation, refer to the sheets you just stripped off your bed. The sheets which are probably imbued with all sorts of oil, dirt, and general grime. How do we fix that? Wash them. You probably know how to operate your washing machine, so wash those sheets (separating them based on color if you need to) to clean them up nice and good. You can wash the pillows and comforter if you feel like you need to.

But wait. What about the mattress?

We’re getting there. Be patient, grasshopper.

Step Three: Wash the Mattress

Okay, okay. Washing the sheets isn’t the trickiest part. However, it is the part that typically takes the longest. Washing the mattress takes a lot more hands-on work (for the most part), as opposed to washing the sheets- mostly because you can’t just throw your mattress in a washing machine. This is where it gets complicated.

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Step Three (Part A): Vacuuming

You’re going to need to break out your vacuum cleaner for this part. Why? Your mattress probably has a bunch of debris built up on it, like dead skin cells, dust mite products (bleh!), and other undesirable stuff you’ve been laying on. So- take your vacuum cleaner (or a vacuum cleaner, if you have to borrow one), and vacuum as much of the surface of your mattress as you can. It’s okay if you can’t get it all- nobody’s perfect.

Step Three (Part B): What’s a Stain?

Some of the most common stains on the surface of a mattress are going to be sweat and blood. Luckily, there are many stain removers on the market suitable for removing stains like these out of mattresses. If the stain has been set in for a long time, it might be more difficult to remove (or you might not even be able to fully remove it)- there are some things in life you just can’t change. Once you have all your stains removed from your Mattress, you’re ready to move on to

how to clean mattress step by step

Step Three (Part C): NaHCO3

What’s that? Baking soda. This stuff can work miracles. You’re going to want about a pound of it (don’t be shy, you’re going to be using that vacuum again). What you’re going to do, basically, is you’re going to pour baking soda all over your bed. All over it. You can let the stains dry from earlier or you can pour some soda over them while they’re still wet- it won’t really make a difference. Once your bed is looking like a crisp winter morning, you’re going to need to wait. While the best effect can be achieved by letting the soda rest for about 24 hours, at least let it rest for a minimum of two to three hours- just to give time for the baking soda to absorb odors and work its cleaning magic.

Now for the most satisfying part.

Step Three (Part D): You Need the Vacuum Again

I said you’d need a vacuum again. After those hours have passed (hopefully you finished washing your sheets), what you want to do it vacuum up as much of the baking soda as you can from your mattress (and the surrounding area, if you spilled a bit). Using a crevice tool would be recommended, just to make sure you really get it all up. Once you have all the baking soda vacuumed up… You’re pretty much done.

Except for one last step.

Step Four: Dress the Mattress

Now that the outards (remember that from earlier?) as well as the innards are cleaned up, all that’s left is to put the sheets back on the mattress, guide by Mattress1000 . This may be an excellent bonding experience, if you choose to put the sheets on with someone else- this also results in it being less of a chore.


Really, when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? You don’t have to say, but it would probably be a good idea to clean it at least once every six months. The next time you deep clean your house, consider washing your mattress, as well- you never know the difference it could make in your quality of sleep. Get a SleepLikeTheDead NOW !!!

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