Why choose a Best Memory Foam Mattress?

16 July, 2017
Why choose a best memory foam mattress

For a good night’s sleep, you want the best memory foam mattress that you can find. If you are going to buy the best memory foam mattress then you need to know what qualities to look for before you shop!

Before buying the best mattress for back pain ( you need to have a little background knowledge on memory foam and what makes the best memory foam mattress.

How to choose a Best Memory Foam Mattress For Back Pain or Side Sleepers?

Memory foam is a viscoelastic material that was first developed by NASA to help test pilots and astronauts be more comfortable while enduring high g-forces. What the scientists at NASA did was take a polyurethane foam and injected it will chemicals until they developed an open cell foam that would conform to body shape, but return to its original form after use.

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Since memory foam conforms to body shape it is a great choice for a mattress because it will not create uncomfortable pressure points like a standard mattress. This makes a memory foam mattress topper good for people with back problems.

Most of the SilverRest Sleep memory foam mattress on the market are temperature sensitive so they will become softer when exposed to heat. That is why they mold so perfectly to you. Your body heat warms the memory foam enough that it will soften around you.  The best latex mattress will soften at a good range of temperatures because you don’t want the bed to feel too firm at room temperature!

Why choose a best memory foam mattress

Getting the Best Memory Foam Mattress

Not all memory foam is alike and every company will have their way of assembling the mattress. Some companies cut costs by purchasing second rate memory foam. The problem with this is, much of the lower cost memory foam has been stored for a long time so it has been compressed which affects the life of the mattress.  Not to mention that many are cut wrong. You might think you are getting a queen size memory foam mattress, but the size is off so your sheets don’t fit right.

How do you know if you are getting the best mattress for back pain? First of all, you should shop at a reputable store and read reviews on the brand of mattress you plan to buy.  To get the best mattress topper for back pain plan to spend a little money. When it comes to memory foam you really do get what you pay for.  That doesn’t mean you can’t save money. Even the best memory foam mattress will go on sale and have promotional offers from time to time.

However, you need to think of buying a mattress as an investment in your health. If you sleep well you will feel better. But when you think of how long you use a mattress you really aren’t spending a lot of money.

If you purchased a Tempur-Pedic brand basic twin memory foam mattress it would cost about $1200. For their high-end king mattresses you will spend around $9000, so let’s plan on an average cost of $5000 to buy the best memory foam mattress.  When you figure that most high-end memory foam mattresses have a 10-year guarantee they are planning on you sleeping on the bed for at least 4000 days.  So, this mattress will cost you $1.25 each night for a great sleep. When you look at it that way the price of the best memory foam mattress doesn’t seem so high.

Memory Foam Mattress or Topper?

Getting the best mattress topper for side sleeper doesn’t mean you need to buy a mattress. If you get a memory foam mattress topper you can get the benefits of memory foam but you can put it on your existing mattress. Since a mattress topper costs much less than a mattress you can have the best memory foam mattress just by getting the best memory foam mattress topper!

You will want to look for the same qualities in a mattress topper that you would in the best memory foam mattress. Make sure you have good support for the topper. Usually, you can put it right on top of your mattress if your bed isn’t showing signs of extreme wear like sagging.  Some people find if they put some sheets of wood between the mattress and box springs it will give the bed enough support for the memory foam mattress topper.

As you can see you can get a great night sleep with a memory foam mattress or a mattress topper. Which will you choose for your best memory foam mattress?

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