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7 Lighting Fixtures to Illuminate Your Outdoor Area

25 October, 2017
7 Lighting Fixtures to Illuminate Your Outdoor Area

There are times of the year when days are long and hot, while nights are warm, relaxing, and pleasant. During these times, perhaps you would just love to spend the day in your patio to unwind and relax, and it is also when lighting your outdoor area comes to your mind.

Well, that is certainly not a trivial thought to consider. It is because lighting your outdoor area is as important as illuminating your interior. Lights just have this power to cast a spell to make a living space a stunning and attractive place to behold and spend your quality time.

7 Lighting Fixtures to Illuminate Your Outdoor Area

Many lighting fixtures are up for grabs in the market today, so you will not have a shortage of ideas on how you would like to light your outdoor. For you to get started on your project, here are some lighting fixtures that will make your outdoor area shine.

Cast That Dramatic Effect with Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are ideal lighting fixtures for your front door or garden area. Not only that it will provide safety and security in your outdoor, but it will also create a warm and dramatic ambiance as you relax and unwind.

Nowadays, wall sconces come in a variety of styles and designs to complement to any outdoor area, whether it’s a  traditional or a modern one. This array of choices means that you can get the best buy for your outdoor wall lighting.

Make it Fun with Lanterns

Lanterns are one of the best lighting fixtures in atmospheric lightings because they provide a chic glow and a vibrant ambiance for your outdoor area. You can place them in your patio, garden, or around the pool.

Make it Fun with Lanterns

You can also choose colorful lanterns if you want to make your outdoor area assume a level of fun. Mix different sizes, shapes, and colors for your outdoor dining table or your garden. For sure, it will make your outdoor area extraordinary.

Make It Magical with String Lights

String lights are an excellent modern outdoor lighting and have become synonymous with party lights. You can use them to light food and drink areas or to make a dance floor vibrant when you have outdoor barbeque parties.

String lights also look magical if you wrap them around tree trunks, trellises, and deck railings. Plus, they are not that expensive, so you can display them liberally without denting your budget.

LED or solar-powered string lights are a good choice if you want an outdoor lighting fixture that is energy-efficient and that can last longer. Just make sure that you purchase string lights that passed safety standards to display in your outdoor without giving you worries.

Get Romantic with Candles and Torches

Candles and torches provide warmth and a soft glow to any room in your house, and they are perfect if you have them in your outdoor dining area when you are on a romantic date with your wife.

You can arrange the candles on a dining table to create a dramatic and romantic effect. As for the torches, you can put them on the corners to add an extra warmth and illumination. Just make sure, though, to display them away from trees and any things where they are highly likely to catch fire. But there are electric candles and torches for everyone’s safety.

Cast an Elegant Vibe with Pendant Lights

Nothing beats a hanging lamp when you are trying to create an elegant ambiance for your outdoor space. It is elegant to hang over the outdoor dining table, of course, but it can also help anchor an ottoman or light a dark corner.

Just a tip: When deciding to replace an existing overhead pendant lamp, make sure to consider that the new one has the same weight as the old for safety purposes. If it is much heavier, you need to call for an installer or electrician to put in a new junction box that can carry the additional weight.

Achieve Style and Grace with Flush Mount Lights

Flush lights both have the functionality and elegance similar to pendant lights without the clearance issues. They are mainly great for outdoor dining areas with low ceilings (less than 8 feet, for example) where something suspended in the air would not be practical.

This type of lighting fixture is a popular choice for covered outdoor spaces because unlike a dangling chandelier or pendant lamp, you will not worry about gusts of wind. Put it somewhere where you do not want to risk hitting your head. Make sure to call for an electrician or a certified installer to install it.

Guide the Way with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights are excellent lighting fixtures to illuminate shrubs, trees, and flowerbeds in your walkway or garden. It will show off the beautiful front area of your home, making it more lively and vibrant.

Many landscape lights are available in energy-efficient and environment-friendly solar lights and LEDs, and they also come in kits with everything you need available in it. You can choose from a variety of glass types and finishes that can complement well with your kind of outdoor area.


A good lighting is essential to add life and elegance to your outdoor area. There are many perfect lighting fixtures on the market today for your choosing. There are lighting designs that can suit your personality and improve the quality of your outdoor area. For example, you can choose string lights, wall sconces, candles, or pendant lamps to light it up.

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